oculus rift motion design
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I created a motion language for Rift that included major transitions and UI elements. This was a very interesting project since the previous system had no transitions at all, panels would simply swap in and out. Since VR is already a bit disorienting, animated transitions are crucial to communicating the path users take through the system.


A document for engineering was also created to maintain consistency and included explanations, code examples and curve data, GIFS, and links to full resolution renders.

oculus motion audit

Motion Audit


When I first joined Oculus I completed a motion audit of the Rift and Go system. This identified areas lacking informative transitions and explored places where motion would be most beneficial. It also identified inconsistencies and suggested fixes.

Panel Movement


The panel animations were created to anchor windows to the belt and suggest directional movement. The animations had to be simple enough to fit within the limitations of the current coding environment, while also being quick and informative.

UI Elements


Many core UI elements were created to fit into the overall motion language. Animations like the rollover effects were created to work across many different cases. There were previously six different rollover effects, this system simplified that using only scale and brighter backgrounds.

Startup & Shutdown


Previously, Oculus devices had a hard cut when powering on and off. I created seamless startup and shutdown animations to refine these steps and provide a more pleasant experience.

Docs for Engineering


Previously, a lot of design specs would get altered by different engineering teams. For example, panel windows would have different corner radius, or none at all. I wanted to prevent this for my project and create a sharable document outlining specs for motion. Because the document was so thorough it left very little left up for interpretation from the multiple engineering teams.


This document included easily sharable GIFS and links to full resolution videos. Code examples and curve data was provided by me as a starting point for engineering. In the end, implementation of the animations went very smoothly and the document will be available as a guide for future motion specs.