siri wave

Hey Siri


Introducing the next visual evolution of Siri. A responsive waveform with bright colors is now here to assist you.


The new identity I helped create is built on on Siri’s past. We combined the responsive sound waves from iOS 7 with the bright primary colors from the watch to create something new, yet familiar. I experimented with many different ideas, like changing the colors and wave form based on the users voice tone for a more personalized look. Various overlay and blur modes were also explored to narrow down the branding of Siri.


After looking at different designs and forms, like etherial smoke, particles, circular self contained forms, and much more, I pretty quickly moved toward a mirrored waveform. This ensures it can fit on any device, even within the title safe area for TVs. Scale was also a consideration as the design had to look great on a large 50 inch tv and tiny Apple Watch screen.


Siri now has a consistent look across all of Apple’s devices, and will look great on any screen, large or small.