the kinetic ui course

The Kinetic UI


The Kinetic UI was an online course that I developed to teach other designers the importance of motion design. I created the written lessons, projects, video walk throughs, and web site myself. Hundreds have purchased and participated the course between 2015-2020 to learn how to integrate motion in their interface designs. A handful of multi-day live workshops were also put on to teach the content.

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The Kinetic UI includes over 40 lessons on motion design theories and animation techniques. 18 video tutorials show you how to create animations in both After Effects and Principle. Also included is a 25 part video series to get you up and running in After Effects.


The course demonstrates how to discover solutions that are often missed with static driven design. I focused on a some core skills:

Rapid Prototyping


Learn how to get your ideas in motion within the first hour of starting the course project section. Prototyping will bring your ideas to life without spending days coding. This will allow you to catch flaws in your structure early on.

Animate Beautifully


Develop an eye for animation. Get the techniques to create beautiful animations your users will want to see over and over. Take these skills to any keyframe based animation tool.

Create Without Limits


By prototyping in After Effects, the types of animations you can create are endless. Don’t let yourself be constrained by new prototyping tools that contain only a handful of animation presets.

Become a Rockstar Designer
The secret to being ahead of the curve and increasing your value is presenting your ideas as polished animations. You no longer need to tell your team or clients what an action will look like – show them.